This tutorial covers how to change or create a username and password for the standard Joomla! admin login page. It is located at (where name should be replaced with your own website subdomain).

Changing/Creating username and password from the Joomla admin

The service allows you to login automatically to your Joomla admin area by clicking the Access Admin button in your dashboard. If the automatic login fails for some reason, see how to change the password from the dashboard.

After login to your Joomla admin, you can setup a username and password of your choice through the User Manager in the Joomla admin.

Here, click on the user, whose login details you want to setup/change. Your default, initial user is called Administrator:

In the user Account Details, you will see the login name provided by the system, which can be edited to something easier to remember. You will be also able to add a password of your choice:

IMPORTANT: changing the login details here will NOT disable the automatic administrator login through your dashboard.

Changing the password of the default username from the dashboard

Inside your dashboard, find the site you want to change the password for and click on Edit Login Info from its menu.

The form for changing your password will appear. Make sure to copy or write down the provided Administrator URL and Username. Enter your new password, confirm it and then click on Save.

You can now use your username with your new password to log-in at your Administrator URL.

IMPORTANT: Changing the password from the dashboard works only for the default username. It will work even if that username has been changed. However, it will not work if that username has been deleted. If you have deleted your default username and want to edit login data, see how to do it from the Joomla admin.